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Foundation Settlement Repair Tampa

Foundation Settlement Repair Tampa

Foundation Settlement Repair

Serious structural damage can and usually is expensive to repair, so its important to make these repair when you first notice them.  When you see any cracking or movement in your structure call an Engineer.

Bricks and Stucco walls crack when Foundation Walls Settle

Load bearing walls can only support the load above when the footing itself is sitting on a solid ground. When Foundation settlement occurs, the soils below the footer are to weak to support the load above and the foundation wall will settle.  Foundation Masters, LLC is a Civil Engineering Company that specializes in theses type of repairs. Foundation settlement problems are very common and will occur at some point over the life of the structure, mainly because buildings are heavy and all soil will move or displace due to weather conditions, and poor drainage conditions.

Signs of Foundation Settlement

  • Tilting chimneys
  • Concrete exterior stairs that tilt or sink
  • Vertical cracks in foundation walls
  • Cracked and sunken slabs
  • Cracks in drywall around window & door openings
  • Cracked brick veneer or exterior stucco
  • Skewed openings that make doors and windows difficult to operate

If you see any of these Foundation Settlement Issues, contact Foundation Masters of Florida, The only Civil Engineering Foundation Repair Contractor in Florida!  Foundation Masters, LLC offer free estimates for all of your Foundation Repair needs.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation Repair Contractors with Engineers are best-equipped to Repair Foundation Settlement Damage

If your is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it’s smart to get in touch with a Foundation Masters, LLC.  A Foundation Repair Contractor has the ability to raise Settled Foundations and stop settlement house movement and close settlement cracks without demolishing walls and slabs.  Nondestructive repairs are faster, less disruptive and less expensive than destructive repairs

How to Repair a Settling Foundation

  • Foundation underpinning

Sometimes referred to as “piering,” this technique involves driving steel piers (either helical or standard “push” piers) into the earth beneath a settled foundation until each pier reaches solid, stable soil or bedrock. A bracket at the top of each pier is connected to the foundation, enabling the installer to raise and stabilize the settled masonry. Underpinning is effective for raising settled foundation walls and slabs

  • Polymer injection

An expanding “geotechnical” foam can be injected into loose or weak soil to consolidate and stabilize the soil while also improving its load-bearing characteristics. Polymer injection is sometimes used in combination with underpinning. By itself, it’s an effective technique for raising settled sidewalks, walkways and concrete slabs.

  • Grout pumping

Sometimes referred to as mudjacking, this technique involves pumping a liquid concrete “slurry” into voids beneath settled concrete. Grout pumping can be used to raise sunken sidewalks and slabs, or to fill voids left after raising a settled foundation with piers.

Foundation Settlement: How It Happens

Your home is resting on several different layers of soil ( especially in Florida where soil can change every 12″ of depth) each with its own thickness, density, and load-bearing capabilities.  Some of these soils have been in place for thousands of years and more than likely placed there by storms, wind, water, or glaciers.  Another big problem we see in Florida is homes that have been built on poorly compacted fill materials.

House movement from foundation settlement occurs when the soils under your foundation cannot support the weight of the home. This happens in three different ways: On the inside of the home, the warping caused by the shifting will crack drywall, stucco, and other finishing elements. The damage will never stop — and will worsen over time.

Feel FREE to call Foundation Masters for a FREE inspection and repair plans.

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