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Seawall Contractors Tampa

Seawall Contractors Tampa

Seawall Contractors Tampa

Foundation Masters, LLC is the #1 Seawall Contractor & Marine Construction/Engineering in Tampa, Florida.  We absolutely love Marine Construction projects of all types, Seawall Construction, Vinyl Seawall, Concrete Seawall, Seawall Repair, Seawall Modification & Retaining Walls.

Homeowners and developers are constantly looking for new ways to build cost effective Seawalls in Tampa, FL.  Foundation Masters, LLC uses the latest and best technology to Engineer and build Seawalls, that will protect our clients properties from heavy rains, storms and hurricanes.  The biggest problem of owning a waterfront property is storm surges causing erosion, UV damage to materials, corrosion of aluminum and steel, and marine borers that live on pressure-treated lumber.  Our Civil Engineer will work with you, designing and building a cost effective Seawall in order to protect one of your most valuable assets.

Seawall Repair Tampa

We use the highest performance vinyl and composite sheet piling backed with a 50-year warranty. Our product’s warranty guarantees against rust, rot, corrosion, falling prey to marine borers, or UV damage from the sun. Because commercial marinas or waterfront residences may require a seawall made of stone (rip rap), concrete, or treated specialty wood, we can accommodate according to your specific needs.

Seawall Construction Tampa

Foundation Masters, LLC, Marine Construction’s vinyl sheet pile carries a 50-year manufacturer warranty against UV damage, corrosion, rot and marine borer damage.  Foundation Masters, LLC will also provide a lifetime transferable warranty.

In most cases depending on the condition of your Seawall, Foundation Masters, LLC Marine Construction may be able to make repairs to your existing wall.  Most repairs are made possible by adding drainage systems, secondary anchors, adding rip rap, new cap and tie backs, grouting joints and adding to the existing Seawalls.