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Jeff Earl

Jeff Earl

Jeffrey Earl

Jeffrey Earl is a well known Entrepreneur that has experience in multiple industries including, structural repair, engineering, medical field, construction engineer, construction management, waterproofing expert and business networking. Jeff has the passion, talent & experience for what it takes to be one of the leading structural design and repair experts in the State of Florida and the entire United States. He joined forces with a 24 year veteran in Civil Engineering (Ken Sand P.E.) in order to better serve his clients.  After spending over a decade working in Structural Design, Structural Repair, High-Rise Building Structural Inspection & Repair, Earth Retention Systems, Soil Subsidence, Foundation Engineering and the Hill Slide Industry. Jeff definitely knows the best, safest and most cost effective way to treat any structural issues on your residential or commercial property.

Jeff Earl Florida

“It’s not about mastering the marketing sales-man theory.  For me, it’s mainly about connecting with the customer and providing a guaranteed repair option so that they feel happy and safe in their home again. Most of my customers pay me with there life savings, kids collage funds, bank loans, 401k’s and credit cards. This means a lot to me and I cant help but have a personal connection with all my customers. Jeff Earl Structural Repair Expert!