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Cracked Swimming Pool Repair

Cracked Swimming Pool Repair

Cracked Swimming Pool Repair

When determining the exact cause of structural failure/cracking in a concrete swimming pools, you must contact an expert like Foundation Masters, LLC, Civil Engineer, Ken Sands P.E. or Jeff Earl owner/project manager.  Foundation Masters, LLC will first conduct a FREE visual inspection.  Then depending on our findings we will inform you of your next move.  In most cases when swimming pools crack, there is something bigger going on with the soils that support the load of the swimming pool.

Foundation Masters, LLC can conduct hand auger soil borings and D.C.P. test to determine the soil types and the load bearing capabilities of the soils below the pool, these test normally cost $1,200.00 to complete.  If sinkhole activity is suspected then deep soil borings will be recommended, these test normally cost $3,000.00 to complete.  Call today for your FREE Cracked Swimming Pool inspection and/or to schedule your Cracked Swimming Pool Repair.

Gunite Pool Crack Repair

If weak soils are found under your pool from dissolving organics or if sinkhole activity is verified. There are a few repair options, based off the swimming pool design and the soil conditions foundation Masters will propose the most cost effective options and they will be backed with a lifetime warranty.

Pool Crack Repair

One of the main causes of Sinkholes in Florida are linked to Leaky Pools.  Early leaky pool detection is very important.  For more info or to schedule a FREE inspection call 813-614-1718.

Fixing a Cracked Swimming Pool, is very simple to do.  First chisel out the crack and then fill the crack with a fast setting anchoring epoxy.  If the crack reappears then its time to call a professional, especially if you live in Florida.