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Seawall Permits Florida

Seawall Permits Florida

Seawall Permits

Seawall & Docks for Tampa Area

Seawall and Dock permits will be reviewed to ensure that seawalls and/or docks are properly constructed, and designed in compliance with the City of Tampa Flood Damage Control requirements for a velocity zone. Along with the standard Project Application, a signed and sealed survey showing seawall location; wall section showing structural details, will also be required. An engineer or architect’s certification must be provided indicating compliance with the City of Tampa code. Before submittal, approval from the Tampa Port Authority or Hillsborough County EPC is required prior to submittal.

Seawall Permitting



Port Tampa Bay

Please note that the authority to issue some minor marine construction permits … jurisdictionalseawall applications require signed and sealed drawings/plans.

Seawall Permitting Florida

Seawall Construction – Florida Department of Environmental Protection


Florida Department of Environmental Protection

SEAWALL CONSTRUCTION and the Department of Environmental Protection. 

Foundation Masters, LLC will help you with all phases of Seawall Construction & Permitting along with any Marine Construction & Marin Engineering…..

Dock / Seawall Permit Application Checklist Dummy

Contract, Plans and Surveys Must be Signed and Sealed.

Permit Applications for most governing bodies in Florida 9 please verify

  • Building Permit Application
  • Copy of the contract
  • Electrical Permit Application (if applicable)
  • Plumbing Permit Application (if applicable)

Plans to be submitted (2 sets of each):

  • Dock / seawall plans and survey must be sealed
  • Site plan approval
  • Two copies of County Water and Navigation Control Authority Permit
  • Two surveys / site plans

Contractor/subcontractor must be currently registered in the City or County

Inspections Required:

  • Concrete forms and ground ties
  • Final dock/seawall
  • Final electric if installed
  • Framing for dock
  • Underground electric if installed

This is just a simple check list for some of the requirements all city & counties have different requirements, make sure to check with your local building department or call us for help.