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Pipe Pile

Pipe Pile

pipe pile

Pipe Piles

Pipe piles are very simple and easy to understand deep foundation system. A pre-manufactured steel pipe section is driven into the ground until refusal is reached. Installing Pipe Piles can be achieved with three different types of equipment types, vibratory, drilled and pneumatic hammer (Pile design, Pile depth and Site Conditions are major factor) The pile designs will vary depending on the soil conditions and load requirements. Because they are made of steel, they can handle extremely heavy loads, and the right steels can make them virtually impervious to environmental conditions.

Pipe Piling vs Timber Pilings in Residential Construction & Commercial Construction, Pipe Pilings are replacing Timber Pilings in new construction (Residential & Commercial) for three main reasons. 

  • Timber Pilings
  • Timber Pilings that are exposed to oxygen will rot, dissolve, become soft and allow wood destroying insets and organisms to damage the pile.
  • The method of installation of Timber Pilings is know to cause construction vibration damage to the neighboring structures, resulting in expensive litigation.
  • Timber pilings will allow future settlement to take place and the timber pile does not come with any type of warranty leaving the homeowner with a expensive repair.
  • Steel Pilings
    •  Steel Pilings will never fail for the simple reason they are driven to limestone.
    • The method of installation of Steel Pilings will not cause construction vibration damage to the neighboring structures, Foundation Masters LLC equipment has been tested by Hillsborough County Engineers, in reference to a project we completed that involved 15 homes with concern of construction vibration damage.
    • Steel pilings come with a Life Time Transferable Warranty. This warranty alone make the steel piling the better option for the simple reason of property value and resale value. This is very important to a builder that wants to sell there homes fast and the homeowner that wants protection in a sinkhole prone State.

Foundation Masters, LLC Engineers will provide you with a piling revision to your drawings and handle the building department permits.

Pipe Piles Foundation Masters

Deep foundation systems are required when shallow soil layers are not strong enough to carry the loads from the structure. Pipe piles are commonly used in deep foundation systems and transfer the loads from building to load Bering soils deep below the surface levels. The loads are resisted through friction build up on the walls of the pile and point bearing soils targets that are determined off the soil boring logs. Pipe should then be filled with concrete to add strength to the pile and to keep out ground water. Pipe piles range in size from 2-7/8 inches to several feet in diameter and can be easily spliced to create piles hundreds of feet in length.

Common Pipe Pile Sizes start at 2-1/2