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We offer only the best deal

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Customer Feedback


We were having some minor cracking in our walls and my wife was freaking out. So i called Foundation Masters and Jeff came out to do a structural inspection. When my wife found out they have a sinkhole monitoring system she had to have it. Jeff installed this system and my wife sleeps better at night, my life is a little easier to if you know what i mean. If the alarm sound I'll call you thanks!

Sandy Stevens

Our floor was getting wet and the hardwood flooring was looking bad. I called foundation masters this inspector comes out turns out he's the owner of the company awesome. The inspector immediately noticed the floor was lower than the yard I've lived there for six years and never noticed it. jeff puts some type of drainage and waterproofing along the foundation so far so good i hope its fixed for good.

Paul Micheal

Jeff Earl the owner of Foundation Masters, llc was on site during most of my project. They installed (14) steel piers and lifted the back of my house 2.5" amazing! There was some cracking in the exterior walls in witch they repaired for no additional charge. Thank You Jeff Earl I'll call you in two years for a follow up.

Don Renalds

Foundation Masters repaired a sinkhole on our property, there Civil Engineer Ken Sands was so easy to work with. The insurance company tried to minimize my Sinkhole Repair and Ken said that grouting was not enough he made them cover the piers. Thank God

Kelly Andrews