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Free Bamboo Removal

Free Bamboo Removal

Free Bamboo Removal

Bamboo is an unbelievably strong and an invasive plant; not to mention it is an inconvenience and a potential hazard to your residential/commercial property. Bamboo is a tribe of evergreen plants in the grass family. Bamboo is known as a strong, flexible, woody grass, and it has earned quite the reputation as the fastest growing member of the grass family.

Types of Bamboo:

  • Clumping Bamboo
  • Running Bamboo 
Clumping Bamboo Removal

Clumping Bamboo grows in a single bunch and does not take over your neighbor’s yard. The clumping bamboo roots grow only a few inches/year. You may still have a serious problem with clumping bamboo depending on its placement. Free Bamboo Removal

Running Bamboo Removal

Running Bamboo the is most-likely to crack solid concrete, grow into a building’s infrastructure, or invade neighboring properties, exposing you to legal action. Removing a well-established grove can be a difficult task. Once established, running bamboo plants create an incredibly strong and complex network of plants, making the emergence of new culms (bayonets) unpredictable. Simply cutting the culms (cane stalks) and bayonets (young culms) at ground level will not suffice for effective bamboo removal, because the roots will continue to travel underground in search of new territory to colonize. The entire rhizome system must be removed or destroyed to completely stop the emergence of new shoots.

Mishandling bamboo removal can actually exacerbate your problem. Whether the problem began in your yard or someone else’s, a mishandled or neglected bamboo problem can create a silent and unseen “invasion”.