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Steel Piling Contractor

Steel Piling Contractor

Steel Piling Contractor

Steel Pilings are a very cost effective and common way to support light loads and heavy loads.  Steel Pilings can be designed out of Steel H Beam, Round Pipe and Square Tube of all sizes.  Foundation Masters, LLC will design the correct Steel Pilings according to your project needs.  When Steel Pilings are used to support light loads like a solar panel, the vertical load requirements are more for up lift protection and also lateral loads, Helical Piers are also a very good option.

Steel Piling Beams

We use Steel H Piles for many of our major projects.  The most commonly used sizes in heavy construction is HP10X42, HP14X73 and the HP12X52, when required.  The correct size will very depending on its application.

Pipe piles are a versatile pile type.  The tip of the pile can be open or closed with a steel plate or concrete cap. When closed, the pile can be filled with grout/concrete resulting in excellent corrosion resistance to resist the environment in which it was installed, and improve its load carrying capacity.

Our versatile range of steel pile dimensions and products allow you to select the optimal size and length of pile for all soil conditions. Steel piles can be installed using light equipment, which conserves the environment and reduces excavation need and costs considerably.

Steel Pilings verses Timber Pilings

Steel Pilings will out perform Timber Pilings in Load Bearing Capabilities and in the pocket book. Steel Pilings are generally 5x STRONGER and will out last a Timber Pile by 2-1. Steel Galvanized pipe in aggressive/salt water and other soils will last 80+ years. When Steel Pilings are buried in the soils below grade, and grout filled with a high mixture of fly ash grout (fly ash has exalint corrosion resistance capabilities) Steel piers will out preform Timber pilings in all application.