Termite Resistant Homes

Foundation Masters, LLC designs Termite Resistant Homes in Florida.  The best way to protect your home from termites is to use the right building materials. In areas where termites are active, total building protection against termite infestation is the only way to minimize the risk to the structure, the non-structural building elements and its contents.  Protection against infestation can be achieved by appropriate design, care during site preparation, adoption of appropriate construction practices, and ongoing inspection and maintenance. Building a home in Florida one should always consider building a Termite Resistant Home.

How Termite Infestation Occurs in Buildings.

Attacks on buildings are usually initiated from a nest in the ground, from which the termites build galleries over
piers or walls to reach the cellulose, including timber, in a building.  Once inside a building, termites must maintain contact with the soil (for moisture) and with the central nest (the communications centre).  Usually, the nest is outside the building perimeter but occasionally a nest may be buried in the soil beneath the building.  Brick and concrete construction by itself does
not offer protection against termites that may gain access via wall cavities and fine cracks in mortar or slabs.

In rare cases, a nest may be established inside the building as an offshoot from an existing colony.  This can occur where a source of permanent moisture is available to the termites within the building (e.g. leaking plumbing) and in this situation, there may be no contact between nest and soil.  In general, entry into a building by winged termites does not result in colony establishment, as it is mostly from the soil that major termite infestations occur.

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