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Joseph Bailey Mcghee

Joseph Bailey Mcghee

Joseph Bailey Mcghee

Foundation Masters, LLC normally has high talent standards, but with the slower workforce, we are challenged by limited resources. Foundation Masters, LLC recently rehired/contracted  Mcghee Construction LLC (Joseph “Bailey” Mcghee) as a subcontractor for roughly one month. Mcghee’s work ethic is nothing to be proud of, which is what brought me to make the decision to fire him, again. The first time was about 6-7 months ago. He was constantly causing issues, one of those guys that always has a problem that affected work. The biggest problem was theft. Sometimes Baily would use a company card when buying materials and fill his own gas tank up. When I asked about it he became aggressive and try to play it off as he must have grabbed the wrong card. Mcghee numerous times.

Bailey Mcghee

This time around was a little different Bailey was being aggressive and trying to bully his way around to get his way. I shut that down immediately, Bailey is the type of person or bully that is ashamed by their low intellect or lack of ability to succeed in whatever they try. They get frustrated by their failure and resultantly take it out on the other people with acts of aggression. When the day ended I noticed one of my trucks was missing. Bailey and another contractor (one of his friends) Brenden stole a truck from the job site. I told everyone that day to leave that truck on the job site. I just wanted to share my experience with Mcghee Construction so you don’t have to find out the hard way.

Mcghee Construction LLC

I brought Bailey back on because I was desperate and he was available (like always). This is my fault, I should of never even considered Baily as an option. I fired Mcghee Construction LLC and look at the retaliation from him.

Google reviews left by Bailey, and his classy friends. Thanks for the kind words.

If you hire him or his company this is the level of class you can expect from him.

Google has been removing these horrible comments. Thanks, Google!

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Joseph Bailey Mcghee