How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost

Foundation settlement can and will lead to major structural problems if not corrected in a timely fashion.  There are a few different ways to correct a foundation problem.  Most all Foundation Repairs are expensive, the best way to be successful with a foundation repair is to contact a Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer and get (3) bids from well established Foundation Repair Contractors.  When you are faced with a Foundation Problem, never try to find an estimated repair cost its just not possible and a real professional will never try to ball park How Much A Foundation Repair Cost to Fix….

Foundation Repair Cost

This is an average cost per pier, these prices will vary depending on site conditions and depth of piers.

  1. Steel Push Piers $1,400.00 – 1,600.00 per pier.

    Foundation Repair Cost
    Foundation Repair Cost
  2. Helical Piers $1,200.00 – 1,500.00 per pier.
  3. Push Pins $1,400.00 – 1,600.00 per pin.
  4. Auger Cast Pilings $2.00 – 4.00 per inch of with + per foot of depth

Don’t forget that every foundation repair requires a building permit, to get a building permit you will need a set of drawings from a licensed engineer, add about 20% to the estimated project cost.

Here are a few things that will influence the cost of a Foundation Repair.

  1. Soil Conditions 
  2. Poor Construction
  3. Type of Construction
  4. Weather Conditions
  5. Water Table
  6. Soil Erosion
  7. Poor Drainage 
  8. Termite Damage
  9. Plumbing or Mechanical Failures
  10. Corrosion of Load Bearing or Members/Hardware 

Push Piers, Steel Piers, Push Pins

Helical Piers