Hillsborough County Soil Boring


Hillsborough County Soil Boring 
Hillsborough County Soil Boring


1. Building Permit completed application.
2. Copy of Recorded Deed (if metes and bounds) or legal description.
3. Florida Energy Efficiency forms: Provide one (1) complete set of R402-2017 or
R405-2017 and two additional copies of the front sheet. All front sheets shall
contain the signature of the person who performed the calculations and the
signature of the owner/agent. Two copies of the manual “J” short form and one
(1) energy guide. The Manual “J” form and the Energy Guide are obtained from
the Mechanical Contractor.
4. Natural Resources Permit Application packet or a copy of Blanket Natural
Resource permit.
5. Site Plans: Provide two (2) copies of single line drawings to scale showing                                         Buy STP Soil Boring

property boundaries, lot dimensions, location of proposed and existing structures                                 STP Soil Borings
on the lot, street location and name. If located on a corner lot, indicate the names
of the streets, all easements, conservation, and or wetlands areas.
6. Two (2) sets of signed and sealed plans by a design professional licensed in the
State of Florida. Plans must be designed in accordance with the 2017 Florida
Building Code 6th Edition.
7. Sanitary sewer/water receipt: If other than Hillsborough County Utilities, provide
a copy of paid receipt from the supplying utility company, or an exemption letter
indicating that service is not available. If sewer/water service is not available,
provide a copy of the septic tank permit. Contact the State of Florida Health
Department, Hillsborough County Public Health @ 813-307-8000.
Note: Septic tank/well is not an option. If service is available, the plumbing
systems shall be connected to the available services.
8. Homeowner affidavit if applicable under Florida Statue 489.103(7). Affidavits
available at the permitting offices.
Note: The homeowner must appear in person to pick up the permit.
9. Flood Affidavit signed by the owner and notarized if applicable. Only required if
property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area.
10. Notice of Commencement: A recorded certified copy of the Notice of
Commencement in accordance with Section 713.13 of the Florida Statutes is
required to be submitted prior to the first inspection.
Note: Impact fees are assessed on new construction. Impact fees must be paid
prior to Certificate of Occupancy.
Revised: January 2018

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