Foundation Warranty Transfer


Are you buying or selling a property that is backed and covered by Foundation Masters, LLC Foundation Repair-Issued Warranty?

To keep the warranty valid, it must be transferred within 30 days of deed transfer according to the county’s CAD public record.

If a warranty is not properly transferred, it will expire and become non-transferable. Expired warranties will NOT be honored.

Transfer of warranty costs $250 and requires the home-buyer to complete the warranty transfer application. This application is to be completed at the time of sale and mailed to Foundation Masters, LLC main office (4905 34th st South suite 349 St. Petersburg, FL. 33711) including a check for the transfer fee.

The warranty transfer fee is $250 and is not negotiable.

  • No transfer fee is required if property is sold within 120 days of project completion.
  • The warranty transfer application is STILL required with all warranty transfers and must be completed within 30 days of Deed Transfer according to the County’s CAD Public Record.

The warranty transfer fee is due at the time the warranty application is submitted.

Foundation Repair Warranty

To successfully transfer the warranty:

  1. Please download the warranty transfer application (PDF) or contact our office for a copy of the warranty transfer application.
  2. Complete and sign the application
  3. Submit application by mail (within 30 days of deed transfer) to the main office including transfer fee amount ($250).

If a warranty is not properly transferred, it will expire and become non-transferable.

If the warranty is transferred properly, Foundation Masters, LLC agrees to issue to the new home-buyer the Foundation Repair Warranty.  In exchange for Foundation Masters, LLC issuing the Foundation Repair Warranty to the new home-buyer, the new home-buyer agrees to be bound all terms and conditions of the original Foundation Warranty terms and contract.

Foundation Repair Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Transfer Application Download Link [PDF]