Foundation Inspection

Foundation Inspections, should be conducted by trained professionals and/or Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and for poor soil conditions consult with a Geo Engineer.  All Foundation Repairs or alterations require a Building Permit, and you can not get a Foundation Repair Building Permit without a set of Engineered drawings.  When choosing a Foundation Repair Company follow these (3) simple steps and the process will be very smooth.

  1. Check into (3) Foundation Repair Companies for bids, general rule is to go with thje middle price bid.
  2. Check the history of the company, with todays internet this process is simple, just google the company name and check social media.
  3. MOST important ask if the company has an Engineer, NO Engineer will support a company if they have a history of problems.

Foundation Inspection Inspectors

Foundation Masters, LLC can help you if you live in Florida.  Foundation Masters, LLC is a Civil Engineering, Foundation Repair, Sinkhole Repair and Structural Design Expert.

Foundation Inspection Cost

Foundation inspections are free to homeowners only!  If you are buying a home we charge $300 for a visual inspection.  If you are buying a home in Florida and you see cracks in the walls, call us it will be the best $300 you have ever spent..


Areas we serve, all of Central and Southern Florida