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Construction Damage to Adjacent Structures

Construction Damage to Adjacent Structures

Construction Vibration Damage

Foundation Masters, LLC a Civil Engineering Company Specializing in Construction Vibration Damage to Adjacent Property from near by Construction in Florida.  If you have a near by construction project that is causing Vibration Damage to your home call us today!  Do not wait.  Foundation Masters, LLC Forensics Civil Engineers can help you with Construction Vibration Damage to Adjacent Structures from near by construction activities.

Foundation Masters, LLC Civil Engineer Ken Sands P.E. also works with experienced Attorneys that Specialize in Construction Damage to Adjacent Structures.  The Best way to be successful with a Construction Vibration Damage to Adjacent Structures claim is to hire a Civil Engineer and a Attorney that work together and have experience in this field.

Vibration Damage to Houses

When large-scale construction projects are awarded to a contractor, the contractor should survey the Adjacent Properties and record any cracking in the structures.  When Pile

Vibration Damage to HousesDriving is part of the project, weather it is a building, road construction or a bride project, vibration detection equipment should be used to assess cautionary measures.  We strongly suggest the homeowner take action to document the pre-construction condition of their property.  A Civil Engineer will carefully inspect and record the existing condition of the premises, including foundation, seawalls and current damage(s), if any, or more importantly, the lack of any damages.  This pro-active inspection will address any subsequent challenges to legitimate property damage claims asserted by negligent contractors.  Taking action BEFORE damage occurs protects you from allegations your claim was “pre-existing” and therefore not compensable.

However, even if your structure has certain existing cracking, that still may become exacerbated by the intense effects caused by construction vibrations,  YOU STILL HAVE A CLAIM!  If you would like a FREE inspection by our chief Civil Engineer call us today.
Seawalls can also be affected by Construction Vibration, If your Seawall is resisting the lateral forces from soils that bear the load of your home and that seawall deflects outward then the soil that support the structure will settle and you will experience cracking in your dry wall and flooring.
 Once the nearby construction project has been completed, our Engineer can conduct soil sampling, along with other engineering forensics, and study the method of construction and materials used by the contractor to prove Construction Damage to Adjacent Structures was caused by nearby construction site activity.

Construction Vibration Damage to Buildings

St. Pete Beach, bridge design/installation caused vibration damage to nearby
Construction Vibration Damage to Buildings

homes. The deep piling system used to support the massive load of the bridge could easily cause Structural Damage to Adjacent Structures from the vibratory hammer that was used to instal the pilings.  If you live on or near, E Vina Del Mar Blvd, St Pete Beach call us for a FREE Structural Damage Inspection. See ” St. Pete Beach’s hope for new Bayway bridge: no drawbridge, no waiting ” to learn more about this bridge construction project and how it could have caused Construction Vibration damage to nearby homes, call today!

Complaints on Structural Vibration Damage to homes on Burnsville Street, from nearby road construction on Winchester South hwy, in Englewood.  Dan Mock, points to a new structural crack that descends like a stairwell on a residence he owns along the Winchester Boulevard South corridor.  He believes that crack and 10 others on the home resulted during the construction project of the Winchester South Corridor. Foundation Masters, LLC is currently conducting soil samples from damaged home sites, and studying the type of materials and compaction equipment used during this road construction project. We will update this info as this claim progresses.

For more info and a FREE site inspection on Construction Damage to Adjacent Structures!

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