Foundation Masters, LLC is a Structural Engineering Company in Tampa, Florida specializing in  (Commercial Foundation Repair, Industrial Foundation Repair Residential Foundation Repair, Sinkhole Repair, Pressure GroutingHome Builder, Drainage And Waterproofing and Paring Lot Drainage Systems) Deep Foundation Systems in Tampa, Florida.  Foundation Masters, LLC Chief Structural Engineer Ken Sands P.E. has 25 years in Civil Engineering.soffm

Foundation Masters, LLC have worked with many Structural Engineers and there was only one that seemed to make all of our customers happy so we made him our Chief Civil Engineer.  Foundation Masters, LLC can provide you with Civil Engineering for Expert Witness Consulting, Building Studies, Design of New Structures, Foundation Repair, Sea Wall Repair, Sinkhole Repair, Sinkhole Inspections, Wind and Water Damage, and Deep Foundations for Sinkhole Resistant Structures. Feel free to call with any questions for the best Structural Engineer in Florida.  Foundation Masters, LLC is a Design Expert in New Construction Helical Pier and Piling Design and Installation.

Foundation Masters, LLC  specialize in the following:


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