Foundation Masters, LLC can design a Fire-Retardant Home that can keep you and your family safe in the event of a fire. Fires are normally accidents or caused by a natural disaster and happen without warning and can be deadly and costly.

When you are designing a new home, fire-retardant materials should be used if your budget will allow it.  Providing a safe environment should always be a top priority. Foundation Masters, LLC can help you design a (Fire Proof Home) safe home for you and your family against anything accidental or what mother nature can throw at you. There are many factors to consider when designing your Fire Resistant Home, call Foundation Masters, LLC (813) 618-5272 and speak to our engineers Phone calls are FREE. Foundation Masters, LLC New Home Builders in Tampa Bay to Venice Beach, Florida.

Heim is designed like a shelter and protects you from spreading and leaping fire

Below are some important ideas to consider at all times.

1.  Keep Fire Extinguishers On Every Level 

2.  Install  Smoke Alarms   

3.  Use Fire Resistant Carpet

4.  Never Overload Your Wiring

5.  Clean Up Junk And Clutter

6.  Candles Are Dangerous

7.  Fireproofing Your Furniture

8.   Proper Furnace Maintenance

9.  Lint Traps Are Dangerous

10.   Don’t Smoke Cigarettes