Foundation Waterproofing Contractor in Tampa

Foundation Masters, LLC is the only Foundation Waterproofing Company in Tampa, FL that truly understands how to Waterproof Foundations and Slab homes in Florida.  The most important part of waterproofing is to understand water tables and how they develop around structures also known as water hydraulics, this term is used by engineers to determine water flow.  Waterproofing the walls and footer will only stop water penetration through the Waterproofed area.  A drainage system needs to be installed around the Waterproofed area to keep the water from building under the home.  The State of Florida is mostly made up of sand, organics with layers of clay, when theses soil condition exists around and under your home, water tables will develop from hydrostatic pressure.

If you have a slab home and the flooring is showing signs of discoloration and warping, call us today for a FREE inspection. The rain season is from June to November in Florida this is the time of year water problems will occur.

Florida 2010 building code does not require any kind of waterproofing or drainage pipe for new construction.

If your building a home use these plans to waterproof your home.

Foundation Waterproofing Contractor in Tampa
Foundation Masters, LLC



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For more info on ways to waterproofing your Foundation CLICK HERE Waterproofing….